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Featured Massages

Book NowGive yourself the gift of total relaxation at The Massage Spot. We consider that massage therapies are not an indulgence but rather are a necessity for overall well being. Choose from the traditional Swedish massage therapy or tantalize the olfactory senses with a fragrant aromatherapy massage or try one of our varied massage treats as detailed below.


We hire 1 in every 10 Massage Therapists we interview.” Management

Massage Therapists Pricing
Swedish Massage - 30 minutes $39
Swedish Massage - 45 minutes $44
Swedish Massage - 50 minutes $49
Swedish Massage - 60 minutes $65
Swedish Massage - 90 minutes $95
Swedish Massage - 120 minutes $130
Deluxe Massage - 30 minutes $49
Deluxe Massage - 45 minutes $54
Deluxe Massage - 50 minutes $59
Deluxe Massage - 60 minutes $69
Deluxe Massage - 90 minutes $99
Deluxe Massage - 120 minutes $138

Save up to $15 on each massage with our series packages.

Basic Massages

Swedish Massage

Generally regarded as the most common massage. Swedish massage involves a combination of five basic strokes and concentrates on the muscles and connective tissues of the body for improved circulation, relaxation, pain relief, and overall health maintenance and well being.

Deluxe Massages

Deep Tissue/Deep Swedish/Deep Tissue Swedish Combo

Utilizes slow strokes and direct pressure applied across the grain of the muscles with the fingers, thumbs or elbows. Deep tissue massage works deeply into the muscles and connective tissue to release chronic aches and pains.

Authentic Thai Massage

Thai MassageWe have brought Thai Town to the South Bay. Thai Massage is done on the floor using a mat. It is often called Yoga massage because there is a lot of stretching. The massage is very lengthening and balancing.

*Note limited availability, please call for scheduling information.

Sports Massage

Preventive and therapeutic, and used for athletes to treat and/or aid in the prevention of injuries; help improve flexibility, range of motion and performance.

Shiatsu (Acupressure) Massage

Literally translated as “finger pressure", shiatsu was developed in Japan by combining the ancient Chinese art of acupressure and “anma” or massage. Unlike acupuncture however, shiatsu does not use needles, but rather, utilises the fingers and hands, applying pressure along the meridian points of the body to gently ease aching muscles, increase vitality, relieve fatigue and stimulate the body’s natural healing power.


Used to relieve stress and promote relaxation through the manipulation of specific points a long feet and hands.

Specialty Massages

Aromatherapy (60min $79, 90min $99)

Many essential oils that are derived from plants, herbs, flowers and roots have beneficial therapeutic qualities. When combined with bodywork, aromatherapy can enrich the massage experience immensely


Chair Massages(Offered at $1/minute)

Clients remain fully clothed and treatments generally last from 10-20 minutes. Chair massage is usually limited to the back, neck, and arms. Stop in at lunch or after a day on the beach for a quick pick me up.Available for office parties or social functions


Pregnancy Massage

Focuses on the special needs of women as their bodies undergo the many dramatic changes that occur during pregnancy. From stress reduction to improved circulation, prenatal massage can make a significant difference to the wellness of a mother-to-be. 

Minors Policy:
People who are under 18 can not receive a massage at The Massage Spot. Minors may receive any of our other treatments with parental signature. Facials, Airbrush Tanning, Tinting, Waxing and Teeth Whitening are all okay.

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